Donkeys Chew Abhorrent Alfalfa In the West Virginia Barn

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.

What is dumber than a donkey? A donkey with blinders. There are 25 such blinder-wearing donkeys chewing abhorrent alfalfa and backfire braying in the West Virginia State Senate.
This is a response to your article appearing February 10 of this year.
The recent majority vote in the West Virginia Senate to rescind state funding for Medicaid-paid abortions for women – – mostly poverty-stricken pregnant females– –is just one more example of the morally-stricken, floppy-eared legislators attacking women, whom they deem undeserving of independent control of their bodies and control of their future; therefore, they supply their morally-blessed wisdom and sentence these ill-fated females to a life-altering life of drudgery and despair raising an unwanted child.
These floppy-eared, hairy-tailed legislators proposed this dastardly law under the guise of saving the state money: Total spent in 2017, $326,103 for 1560 abortions. These figures do not indicate if federal money lessens WV’s obligation, nevertheless is a drop in the bucket to what the state spends on medical outlays.
Pulling their moral-laden wagon, these legislators have their muzzles so far up each other’s haunches, they cannot see – – or care to see – – they are pushing poor, defenseless women into situations where they may shortly become wards of the state at a much higher and permanent cost to WV.
Young women, who are fortunate to have the parental guidance and education to avoid unwanted pregnancy and who would contribute to this state’s wellbeing, will not stay in such a backward donkey-pulled state, nor will the wives and daughters of business owners and entrepreneurs want to live in a state where time marches backwards; wherein legislative donkeys, hell-bent for leather to return to the barn and chew ancient alfalfa and bray their long-winded blasts to fellow donkeys throughout the state; they, blinder-bound cannot cast a sideward glance toward this nation’s progress where women are gathering strength with Me-too and Equal Rights and Opportunity movements. Women are a majority entering college and the medical profession and breaking barriers in other professions. Probably not donkey material.
If our WV donkeys could shake off their blinders they might realize this is the 21st century, not the donkey-pulled beginning of the 20th century.

West Virginia Witch Hunters Resurrect Burn Baby Burn–Revisited

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.
Bio” Sonny Fair, Wheeling Island native and weaved from workers’ thread, is a veteran novelist finishing a novel featuring Wheeling.

It seems that the witch hunters of Salem have clawed their way out of history’s graves and found residency in West Virginia’s capitol complex. Whereas the 17th century witch hunters conjured up evil doers, lawmakers in Charleston now conjured up suspicious, although very vulnerable welfare recipients and instead of burning witches they burn people’s wellbeing and throw the ashes into the Kanawha River.
In the dark recesses of these do-gooders’ suspicions, they have hypothesized that drug testing welfare recipients belongs in the same category as catching welfare cheats. They have discovered that they can polish their holier-than-thou forehead sheen and, at the same time, rid the state of the burden of helping needy people. The Welfare Drug Testing Act implemented by our hell-bent legislators is just the vehicle to do that.
The holier than thou guys and gals had resurrected an inquisitor––whom they dub a vendor––to throw welfare recipients off a 1990’s watered-down program called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Now our private vendor needs results to prove his or her worth, so livelihoods will fall under his righteous swift sword.
Oh yes, Dorothy, there are witches and in just a short time, the state’s vendor has managed to reduce the TPDs from 1200 to 100. Who would have thought that 1100 comp cheats could exist. The Devil works in strange ways.
These witch-hunters searched the graves from whence they came, dug much, much deeper, and prayed to the denizens of Hades to give them the wisdom to deny marginal residents what shaky security they have.
The voice from Hell shouted back or was it from the legislative podium, “Three strikes and they are out––trample and forget them.” Get Caught! Strike one: Spend your food money on a drug treatment program or get a job that you should have had, you lazy bum. Strike two: We catch you a second time, you and your little ones can starve and sleep in your car if you have such a thing, if not, search out those few places in the state where you and your brats can find shelter. Strike three: We catch you a third time you are garbage.”
Witch hunters stand on high moral ground, so their pursuit of justice in the public interest must be above reproach.
Now Hell has been in the business since the angel, Lucifer, fell from grace; so the denizens down there have become as wily as the current premiere of Russia and sent upward the following communication to the capitol complex: “Slip this one in and you will be heroes to your constituents. Privatize workers’ comp. Hire mercenaries – they exist in the thousands like the heads of secondary insurance companies. These providers will whack the crap out of total permanent disability cripples and oxygen-tank breathers.
“You will be the good guys, angels on earth. Ha ha. That’s a Devil joke. Give them the wheelchairs and oxygen tanks they need to crawl back to work, but never, never award them total disability money. If they cannot work, let them lie on couches, if they still have a roof to put over their heads. Why pay? Deny! Deny! Deny!”
The state has been deeply in debt because of these TPD walking wounded, because those responsible – owners of industrial businesses – shuck their responsibility for worker injuries, and the state picks up the sizable tab, but nary a word must be spoken about that.
Ask yourself, dear reader, is this what you want when you are crushed by employer negligence or are permanently injured by cave in or crippled delivering merchandise?
Could it be as legislators believe, drugged TPDs chanting “curses, trouble, double bubble,” or is it just another effort in a long line of efforts by heartless politicians to stand tall on the backs of the unfortunate?
The earth’s dark layers know who are the culprits and who are the victims
It seems our witch hunters have been working hard in the pursuit of righteousness.
*A footnote to keep an eye on: The state’s head witch hunter, the attorney general, who sees evil wherever common people congregate, i.e. hard working union members, is defending the Right To Work law––a misnomer of uncommon valor––in the Court of Appeals. Yes, Dorothy, when we have friends like the AG who needs enemies.
“I’ve Always Been a Dreamer.”
Sonny, a Wheeling native, is a veteran novelist who just finished “This Bridge Tells No Tales” that features West Virginia.

Marijuana the Punching Bag For Medieval Ghostbusters

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.

Bio” Sonny Fair, Wheeling Island native and weaved from workers’ thread, is a veteran novelist currently writing in Wheeling.

In my view, Majority Leader Senator Fern’s views on legalizing marijuana—-delivered from a head in the sand, albeit imperial, POV and recorded in publications throughout the state—- offer confusion rather than clarity to West Virginians hungry for a progressive, debt-free state. As with any advocate of the status quo he searched for and accepted views from Denver that supported his predisposed viewpoint disfavoring legal marijuana and discarded views that tested his mindset on that issue.
Legalized marijuana in Denver came into being because it addressed popular demand by its citizenry and was never intended to be a serendipity for that state, nor will it be a cure-all for West Virginia staggering under debt and indecision; but it could be a sizable finger in a leaking dam holding back financial waters.
Denver reaping tax revenue and increased employment from legalized marijuana was a plus for a grassroots movement. As with any new endeavor, problems will occur, and detractors will pop up like mushrooms, but they do not negate the positive outcome in Denver because of legalized recreational marijuana that includes medical marijuana.
What legalized marijuana will mean to West Virginia is a step from dark-age thinking, badly-needed revenue to offset the fluctuating fossil-fuel revenue fickleness, and increase employment in desperate counties, and most important—-relief to every arthritic and pain-ridden senior, physically and mentally wounded veterans, maimed and diseased coal miners, and sick children to name some of the needy.
What the state does not need is the hodge-podge, over-regulated, and anachronistic-legislated medical marijuana bill put forth by Ferns and the devil-seeing pilgrims in Charleston. The current medical marijuana bill as written helps the few and ignores the many.
As long as elected West Virginia politicians, led by Majority Leader Senator Ferns, keep their heads in the sand, hatching their anachronistic eggs, hope for a progressive debt-free state will remain stillborn.

Predators and Their Acolytes Deserve Just Due

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.


At times your editorials (News-Register) carry the definition of inane to a surrealistic dimension; such was your editorial of December 13 pertaining to students defaulting on loans. It is insensitive to the point of perfection. Since you work in the news business I assume you were aware of the diploma mill predators victimizing our naïve students, military veterans anxious to enter the workforce, and their easy targets—-minorities and GED graduates.
Your non-secular metaphor pertaining to lemon-autos and subsequent loan payments must have tingled your head with gratification vibrations, but to those of us who have insight into the swindling opportunists who bamboozled preys with promises of an easy road to a degree and with a very hard and long road to loan payoff, it gives a bad case of heartburn. Those bloodsuckers never gave a second thought about education; the process was always about opportunity to make a fast buck.
Those innocent banks that you referred to as deserving repayment of usury were more than happy to extend questionably-high-interest loans to students who based repayment on a job that they found themselves unqualified to obtain; because they were given a degree without substance.
Since you introduced DeVos, allow me to paint a true picture: Secretary of Education DeVos is a henchman(woman) for capitalistic predators and shows all the characteristics of a hangman born with golden rope and, without doubt, the most unqualified education secretary since the inception of that office. DeVos—-by her insensitive decisions and her total separation from the education system and the students that occupy it—-has demonstrated that the last thing she has in mind are the taxpayers’ welfare. What she has in mind is perpetuating the gilded age she was born into—-the diminutive guys and gals don’t count in that milieu.
Students who find themselves underserved by questionable degrees deserve to get out from under high interest loans and go on to earn an honest degree from a legitimate school of higher learning.
“I’ve Always Been a Dreamer.”

Untangling the Quandary of Drug Addition

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.

Bio” Sonny Fair, Wheeling Island native and weaved from workers’ thread, is a veteran novelist finishing a novel featuring Wheeling.

When facing a quandary, such as the opiate addiction in Ohio and neighboring West Virginia, one must realize there is no magic bullet, although there is a smart bullet to combat the four battle lines – candidates, addicts, suppliers, and price.
The candidates are the innocent K-12 children, the injured adults, wounded veterans, and pain stricken seniors, The addicts are those innocently addicted to oxycodone, those addicted by choice and ignorance, and those addicted by happenstance. The suppliers are organized criminals and the addicts who have no choice but to sell dope to feed their habits. The price for society and it is a big one: The cost of auxiliary crime, the cost of law enforcement, the cost of jurisprudence, and the cost of incarceration.
The primary step for the states of Ohio and West Virginia is to get out of its own way, and that would be to eliminate the foolish prosecution of marijuana in the state; it is a diversion and must be taken out of the quandary in order to focus unencumbered on the real culprits—-opiates and heroin; once prosecution of marijuana is removed, it will free up needless revenue spent on policing, judication, and incarceration of those possessing a non-harmful substance.
Pursuing a policy of forgiving marijuana users and possessors would take a sizable financial burden off law enforcement, courts, and prisons at the local and state levels; this gained money could be used for intensive preventive instruction to K-12 students and misdirected adults throughout the state; used to establish state sponsored clinics in every county, where daily, free and supervised methadone or suboxone, or vivitrol could be administered to help addicts contribute to society, rather than pulling it down (Seattle, WA).
Salient facts to take into consideration when evaluating the above recommendations: Contenders for drug addiction must be warned at the earliest possible age; once a person succumbs to drugs, it is extremely difficult to redirect him or her.
Heroin is one of the most difficult drugs to withdraw from, and the state focus should be directed to curing addicts, not imprisoning them.
Addicts function at the end of their financial tether, on desperation’s precipice, and do not possess the funds for, nor will they travel to, a private clinic for a long withdrawal program that smacks of an institution.
If law enforcement does not have to devote attention to marijuana usage, they will have more time to address opiate and heroin dealers.
The recent offer of a $10,000 reward from the state of Ohio—-with its questioner requesting credentials—-for the magic bullet to eradicate the drug epidemic in the state presupposes that only academia and healers carry the correct firearms to fire the shot, but these individuals are positioned too far from the fray; the smart bullet will come from those who stand in the midst of the drug epidemic.
Bio” Sonny Fair, Wheeling Island native and weaved from workers’ thread, is a veteran novelist completed a novel featuring Wheeling.

Another Pact the Devil

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.

Coal production is up; fracked gas prices are up; pipelines crawl across the tristate region like eels racing for prey; a cracking plant finds life in nearby Potters Township, Pennsylvania and hope for a new one abounds for one to be dropped into our lap at Dillies Bottom. Empty coffers and politicians’ pockets are being filled. Life is promising in the tristate area.
Unfortunately. . . . West Virginians, Eastern Ohioans, and Western Pennsylvanians ––once again find themselves locked into Pacts with the Devil. The handshake: Jobs traded for long-suffering sickness and early deaths. Thrown into the bargain is a hell on earth for those non-participants within proximity of the fossil fuels seizures.
Coal production is on the upswing thanks to the President’s trashing of environmental regulations, therefore the Devils acolyte, coal, has been pulled from its dark existence to once again hover over the Appalachian landscape.
Thanks to China a proposed investment of $78 billion in West Virginia emerges. The Devil’s Minotaurs, gas and oil, will receive carte blanche to pray on Appalachian health.
Thanks to a cracking plant conquering the landscape in Potters Township and a future possibly in Dillies Bottom, centaurs––Shell––must be fed humans; PTT Global awaits its chance to seduce Appalachia farther south on the Ohio River and reap environmental chaos.
In the aforementioned three states, sacrificing one’s health and inadvertently the health of one’s relatives and neighbors for jobs has been a practice as venerable as reading Greek mythology.
The jobs, albeit not many in fracking and cracking, will pay a living wage until the resources are exhausted, and then it’s back to gloom and financial doom.
Residents’ sickness will once again creep from generation to generation to generation: The culprits are kidney and liver disease from well water; asthma from surface mining particles assaulting the air; chemical treated waste from coal slurries, gas fracking methane and covert chemicals seeping into groundwater; these life-threatening diseases take decades to destroy their host.
Stomach cancer caused by drinking water polluted by coal mines and gas fracking. Death rates in counties with mountaintop mining higher that elsewhere; higher death rates from carcinogens such as arsenic catamount chromium, nickel, beryllium dance in the atmosphere like the Devil’s handmaidens.
Opponents to common sense ––coal and gas acolytes––blame the aforementioned diseases on Appalachian poverty, smoking, and obesity, and rural location, not taking into consideration those conditions existed before fossil fuels came into play.
For every environmental passage, the fossil giants make a counter-move, neutralizing environment safeguards and confusing West Virginia society. Under the current Republican administration, life will be sacrificed for commerce. It is an old story of commerce glory and human quarry.
Bio” Sonny, Wheeling Island native and weaved from workers’ thread, is a veteran novelist currently working on a novel featuring Wheeling.

A Travel Guide for LGTB When Visiting the West Virginia Mountain State

Words are my friends, and if I don’t mistreat them, they reward me.
Please feel free to comment, as I am greatly interested in your opinion – good or bad.

City boys when traveling as two of the same sex to our beautiful mountain state do not carry your poodles in your lap; instead place your shotguns there – a concealed Glock .9 mm. is much admired. If you fail to observe these niceties, you may not be able to buy petro and will have to push your vehicle across the state line. Girls, if one of you have lifted weights or have fuzz on your upper lip, do not make eye contact when wolfing down home cooking in our restaurants – in fact, sitting at separate tables is better – otherwise your dishes will be taken away and payment demanded – not leaving a tip will be understandable.
Transvestites should always be aware of mountain people carrying garlic weed and mirrors to identify you. Make sure West Virginians see your image in the mirror; do not sneeze when garlic weed is waived in your face. If discovered, food, gas, and directions will be denied you.
Bisexual men wear Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle shirts; if they want to see your muscles, growl hasta la vista baby and scat; an Austrian accent will cause your investigators to inquire, “what did he say”; bisexual girls should wear grandma’s dresses and eat it at McDonalds – if available take your cousins’ kids along.
LGTB adherents should not be alarmed if one sees two Rottweilers chasing an old woman; it is just grandma being turned away from the polls because she had no picture ID.
If attending WVU sporting events, wear blue and gold – because many of your fellow spectators will be packing.
Here are a few do’s and don’ts: Always-always request separate rooms from check-in clerks. It is best if one of you rides behind the driver in the backseat when passing through West Virginia. Never-never allow your wrist to go limp. Women, if your hair is cropped short, wear sister’s wig.
The above satire was fun, but as we all know satire is exaggerated or it wouldn’t be satire. What is not so much fun is witnessing the West Virginia legislation against the LGTB adherents. This legislation is in a few words, senseless, antagonistic, anachronistic, and destructive to those subjected and to those who inflict it. In West Virginia, a rash of similar senseless and harmful laws have been passed or destined to pass by the Republican legislators – holding a majority in both houses –. They are: Concealed Weapons, Religious Right, Welfare-got-you Drug Checks, and Voter ID – more on these in blogs to follow.

A Progressive View